Sami Yusuf - My Only Wish

All Your Armies,
All Your Fighters,
All Your Tanks,
All Your Soldiers,

Against a boy
holding a stone
standing there
all alone

And I wonder
I only Wonder
Who is weak
Who is Strong
Who is Right?
And Who is Wrong?

And I wish
I only wish
that the truth
has a toung.


  1. انا!
    بلاگ پر خوش آمدید۔

  2. asslamualikum...

    Sami Yusuf you have a wonderful and a talented voice!

    I have so many of your nasheeds (probably all of them) .....and i'm always listening to them! :)

    keep carrying on with all the beutiful nasheeds you make!

    asma allah & hasbi rabbi are amazing!

    great work!

    proud to be a muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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